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Oxalic Acid
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Interested in Learning About Insulators?

Besides being beautiful, glass insulators are a fascinating part of our history. The oldest insulators pre-date the Civil War. Some companies, like Hemingray and Brookfield, were around for years and produced many insulators. Others were around much less time. Also, as with many antiques and collectibles, some styles were experimental or only produced in limited quantities, and as a result are far more rare than others. There are many nuances in the styles, uses, colors and uses of glass insulators. It seems each one is an interesting story in itself! We learned just about everything we know from the sites below and the people who host them.

CD 115 Brookfield Glass Insulator in Green

First, A Note About Embossings
The majority of insulators on this site list an embossing in their description, e.g. [010].  These numbers refer to the embossing indices in John and Carol McDougald's insulator price guide.  They are provided as a convenience for collectors who own the book and would like to know the specific embossing. The embossing is an important and fascinating part of collecting insulators. There are errors and misspellings. Sometimes just a single punctuation mark can change the value of an insulator. Also, patent dates are significant and can reveal a great deal about an insulator's use or history. For more on insulator patent dates, visit (the link is below). For more on embossings, read the section entitled below.

Also, A Statement About Authenticity
We do not sell painted, irradiated, or otherwise altered insulators. Guaranteed. is probably the most comprehensive and helpful site in the hobby.  If you haven't been there already, check it out!  There are thousands of pictures, a glossary of insulator terms, articles, a show calendar and more.  While you're there, become an ICON member (it's free) and sign up for the daily digest.  You'll be able to read (lurk) or participate (post questions and/or messages) to a forum of other interested collectors.  You'll also find links for many other great sites. Bill Meier, webmaster for is one of the smartest guys we know!  He has done a great service to this hobby for old and new collectors alike.  Thanks, Bill!
This is the home page for the National Insulator Association.  There is a whole bunch of helpful information for collectors there.  The Contact List reads like a "who's who" of insulator expertise.  We are in awe of the folks on that list!  Thanks to all of them for the tremendous amount of time, energy and research they have dedicated to making this hobby more rewarding for all of us.

A note to new collectors: While you are visiting, be sure to check out Dwayne Anthony's article, Fake & Altered Insulators - Artificially Induced Colors.  Please be careful!  Just about every hobby has it's fakes, including this one.


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